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Prayer List: Covid-19 Global Menace

Cases of Covid-19, the Wuhan Coronoavirus, have been reported in more than 200 nations and more than 80,000 people have died. – Stats from Wikipedia

Orders to stay at home are preventing normal funeral services for the victims. Some families and friends of the deceased are experiencing deep depression.

Severe economic problems are also on the horizon for the unemployed.

Prayer List

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort the families and friends of people that have died from Covid-19.
  • Pray for a rapid recovery for those who are sick.
  • Pray for safety for doctors, nurses and family members caring for the sick.
  • Pray for financial needs to be met for people financially struggling after losing a job or receiving fewer work hours.
  • Pray for the spiritual needs of people to also be met.
  • Pray for opportunities to share God’s love and hope to people that are depressed from these circumstances.

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  • newThe Prison of People Pleasing
    By Karen Ehman Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ. —Galatians 1:10 The gymnasium at the big brick elementary school in my neighborhood was the […]The post The Prison of People Pleasing appeared first on Bible Gateway Blog.
    - 8 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 10:00am -
  • No More Squinting: Flipback New Testament Offers Pocket Portability with Full-Size Font
    Carrying around a full-size Bible everywhere might sound cumbersome to many. And if you choose to carry a standard pocket-size New Testament, you’re likely sacrificing easy readability for portability, due to its tiny font size. What if you could have the best of both worlds: large enough text in a handy compact edition? Thomas Nelson […]The post No More Squinting: Flipback New Testament Offers Pocket Portability with Full-Size Font appeared first on Bible Gateway Blog.
    - 1 day ago 2 Aug 21, 10:35am -
  • Bible News Roundup – Week of August 1, 2021
    [Return daily during the coming week for updates] Support Bible Gateway—Find the Resources You Need At: ⇨ FaithGateway Store ⇨ Order Resources in Bulk At: ⇨ ChurchSource ▼ Nine Years, 782,000 Words Later, South Carolina Woman Completes Handwritten Bible ⇨ CT ▼ Are There Archeological Scientific Discoveries That Affirm the Bible’s Historical Accuracy? ⇨ […]The post Bible News Roundup – Week of August 1, 2021 appeared first on Bible Gateway Blog.
    - 2 days ago 1 Aug 21, 11:55am -
  • How to Have Fun and Make Each Day Count: An Interview with Jim Burns
    Hearing the words “you have cancer” has a way of crystalizing in a person the most important principles for a life well lived. What essentials do you consider foundational to meaningfully live your life? How are you prioritizing the 1440 minutes you experience every day? Bible Gateway interviewed Jim Burns (@drjimburns) about his book, Have […]The post How to Have Fun and Make Each Day Count: An Interview with Jim Burns appeared first on Bible Gateway Blog.
    - 5 days ago 29 Jul 21, 9:11am -
  • How to Live the Bible — The Power of Proclamation
    This is the one-hundred-sixty-seventh lesson in author and pastor Mel Lawrenz’ How to Live the Bible series. If you know someone or a group who would like to follow along on this journey through Scripture, they can get more info and sign up to receive these essays via email here. “Then have the trumpet sounded […]The post How to Live the Bible — The Power of Proclamation appeared first on Bible Gateway Blog.
    - 6 days ago 28 Jul 21, 6:56pm -

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  • newMelinda Thybault, Founder of The Moral Outcry Petition, Joined by 539,108 Signers, Files Brief at the Supreme Court for Reversal of Roe v. Wade*
    NEWS PROVIDED BYThe Justice FoundationAug. 3, 2021SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Aug. 3, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- Melinda Thybault, the Founder of The Moral Outcry Petition, has gathered 539,108 Signers of The Moral Outcry Petition. See brief has been filed in the Mississippi abortion case (Dobbs, et al v. Jackson, et al. Supreme Court Docket number 19-1392) asking the Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. The Petition and B Source: The Justice Foundation
    - 7 mins ago 3 Aug 21, 5:28pm -
  • newAnti-Racism Training is Available this August on Zoom
    "The end is reconciliation; the end is redemption; the end is the creation of the Beloved Community. It is this type of spirit and this type of love that can transform opponents into friends...It is this love which will bring about miracles in the hearts of men." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.NEWS PROVIDED BYEpiscopal Diocese of New Jersey Anti-Racism MinistryAug. 3, 2021TRENTON, N.J., Aug. 3, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey Anti-Racism Ministry invites Source: 2579972411
    - 1 hour ago 3 Aug 21, 4:30pm -
  • newRescuing Children from Slavery in Pakistan: One Organization's Fight to Give Housing and Hope to Girls Rescued from Bonded Labor
    NEWS PROVIDED BYOne by OneAug. 3, 2021NASHVILLE, Aug. 3, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- In May 2019, One by One a UK-based global missions organization with a heart for the poor and broken across the Third World opened King's Children's Home, near Lahore in Pakistan, to rehouse and give hope to children rescued from brick factory bonded labor in that country. The home opened with almost 40 children, many of whom have physical injuries due to the tough conditions they have worked in f Source: Karen Campbell Media
    - 1 hour ago 3 Aug 21, 4:19pm -
  • newTBN Set to Air Grammy Award Winning Artist Carrie Underwood's My Savior: LIVE From The Ryman Concert Special on Friday, August 6
    NEWS PROVIDED BYTBNAug. 3, 2021 LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- TBN, the world's largest religious broadcaster, announced today the network has secured the rights to air country music superstar Carrie Underwood's My Savior: LIVE From The Ryman Concert Special this Friday, August 6 at 8pm ET / 7pm CT. Filmed at the celebrated Ryman Auditorium, known worldwide as "The Mother Church of Country Music," in Nashville, TN, the one hour special brings Ca Source: EPIC
    - 1 hour ago 3 Aug 21, 4:18pm -
  • newPrison Fellowship International, Faith Comes By Hearing Partner to Transform Lives of More than One Million Prisoners in 65 Countries by 2027
    NEWS PROVIDED BYPrison Fellowship InternationalAug. 3, 2021WASHINGTON and ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Aug. 3, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- Prison Fellowship International (PFI) and Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) two ministries working as global catalysts to help spread the Gospel have formed a strategic partnership to launch 100,000 in-prison Audio Bible programs in 65 countries, to graduate one million inmates by 2027."This partnership marks a truly historic moment in the evolution of bo Source: Prison Fellowship International
    - 2 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 4:00pm -

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Christian Sentinel

    We are in the time of a global great apostasy – the entire Western Civilization that was founded upon biblical principles has now, to coin a phrase by the late Francis Schaeffer, morphed into “a post-Christian world.”The post GREAT AWAKENING OR DEEP SLEEP? by Jackie Alnor appeared first on The Christian Sentinel.
    - 19 days ago 15 Jul 21, 7:21pm -
    “The LORD has made everything for its own purpose, Even the wicked for the day of evil.” – Proverbs 16:4 Many of us watched in…The post THE WICKED GENERATION by Jackie Alnor appeared first on The Christian Sentinel.
    - 28 days ago 6 Jul 21, 10:46pm -
  • Trinity Broadcasting of Texas Obtains PPP Loan After Receiving $933 Million
    Financial disclosure documents published on the IRS website report that Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, the parent organization of TBN, and other affiliated organizations transferred $860,132,250 in assets to Trinity Broadcasting of Texas in 2019.The post Trinity Broadcasting of Texas Obtains PPP Loan After Receiving $933 Million appeared first on The Christian Sentinel.
    - 33 days ago 1 Jul 21, 6:44pm -
  • Televangelist Receives at Least $41 Million in Compensation in 12 Years
    As president of Inspirational Network, David Cerullo has become one of America’s wealthier televangelists—a fact that is obscured by net worth tracking websites severely underestimating Cerullo’s wealth.The post Televangelist Receives at Least $41 Million in Compensation in 12 Years appeared first on The Christian Sentinel.
    - 53 days ago 12 Jun 21, 3:57am -
  • A “Bad” Christian vs. an “Apostate” Christian by Danny Isom (used with permission)
    By not addressing the issue, we are allowing someone to take up residence among the Body of Christ who will eventually do everything they can to cause our own falling away, even resorting to betrayal. They will still be operating among us as their love transforms into hatred. At the worst possible time, when the whole world has turned against us, they will undermine us in order to multiply our trials.The post A “Bad” Christian vs. an “Apostate” Christian by Danny Isom (used with permission) appeared first on The Christian Sentinel.
    - 64 days ago 31 May 21, 6:48pm -

Christian Today

  • The Brand
    The internet and new gospel partnerships fueled church growth in the early 2000s, but bigger isn’t always better.Mark Driscoll rose to prominence in the early days of the internet. Unlike his megapastor predecessors like Robert Schuller and Bill Hybels, Driscoll harnessed technology to build his brand and bypass cultural gatekeepers who might hinder or influence his success. He formed a talented media team to expand his reach and, inadvertently, reinforce his ego through an online presence. Quickly though, his star rose too far, keeping him at arm’s length from the collaboration and counsel of those who could lend wisdom to his youthful, combustive pastoral ministry.In this episode of The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, host Mike Cosper breaks down how technology shaped the messaging and marketing of Mark Driscoll and how personal brand can isolate a leader even as it fuels a ministry’s growth. Cosper interviews broadly, from Mars Hill media team members to Collin Hansen of The Gospel Coalition, to investigate how narcissism grows, how theological movements birth new leaders, and why the church’s love affair with charisma and certainty demands we develop a better moral imagination. Rethink your admiration for celebrity pastors. Reevaluate your attraction to religious trends. And, reflect on your own willingness to stand “sola” when church becomes about something other than the Gospel.“The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” is a production of Christianity Today Executive Producer: Erik PetrikProduced, written, edited, and hosted by: Mike CosperAssociate produced by Joy Beth Smith Music, sound design, and mixing: Kate SiefkerGraphic Design: Bryan ToddSocial Media: Nicole ShanksEditorial consulting: Andrea Palpant Dilley, Online Managing EditorChristianity Today Editor in Chief: Timothy DalrympleTheme song: ...Continue reading...
    - -
  • How Colleges Are Specializing Training for the Next Generation of Worship Leaders
    More Christian music programs are accommodating students who want to play sanctuaries rather than concert halls.For college students preparing for music ministry, new and evolving programs offer more options than ever.Christian colleges, like institutions across higher ed, feel increasing pressure to offer specialty training for lucrative fields like business and science, sometimes with humanities programs taking cuts. At the same time, several major music programs are growing—in part out of a confidence that the student demand and job market is there. The church will always need writers, performers, leaders, and creators.“We feel obligated to develop these resources,” said Michael Wilder, dean of the Conservatory of Music and Division of Arts and Communication at Wheaton College. “I think there’s a need for it, and there’s interest for sure.”While most institutions have preserved their bachelor of arts in music or bachelor of music degrees as traditional routes for performance-oriented students, many students enrolling in those programs are also interested in worship leadership training. They may enter college with a calling to lead but without the same skills as those aspiring to become professional musicians.When the conservatory introduced its worship arts certificate program in 2019 (a credential that can be added to another undergraduate major), faculty saw immediate interest from the students, many of whom were already participating in worship leadership in local churches or the school’s chapel programs.Cedarville University, within its School of Music and Worship, offers separate degree tracks for “music” and “worship” students. Similarly, Colorado Christian University (CCU) has preserved its distinct majors in performance, education, composition, and ...Continue reading...
    - -
  • Nine Years, 782,000 Words Later, South Carolina Woman Completes Handwritten Bible
    Caroline Campbell’s project aims to inspire Christians to learn Scripture and see disabilities as a gift to the church.Kenny Campbell was doing some spring cleaning when he found a stack of papers with his daughter Caroline’s handwriting on them. He looked at the pages and realized there was something special about them. It was Scripture, copied word for word by hand.The Campbells attend Community Bible Church in Beaufort County, South Carolina, and their teenage daughter, who has Down syndrome, was writing down the verses their pastor preached on. Carl Broggi is an expository preacher, going verse by verse; Caroline had recorded those verses in her own hand.“This is amazing, Caroline, how much you’ve written,” Kenny told her.On a whim, he said she could do the whole Bible.“Yeah, okay,” Caroline said.Those two words kicked off a nine-year project. Starting in January 2012 and finishing in June 2021, Caroline, who is now 28, copied the entire Bible by hand. She started in Genesis and worked her way through Revelation, writing down all 782,815 words from her 1973 New American Standard Bible.Caroline’s mother, Jennifer, estimates the completed manuscript is more than 10,000 pages. It is compiled in 43 binders.Once she started, Caroline said, she just didn’t stop. She persisted out of her devotion to the Bible and her desire to encourage others.“I want to inspire people to learn the Bible,” she told CT.Kenny and Jennifer say this has been key to their experience of having a daughter with Down syndrome. They have had to learn not to put limits on her. When their daughter was diagnosed, they had deep concerns. But they soon decided to treat her like any other child. And then they learned that she would, on occasion, completely blow them away with the amazing ways she was different.Bethany ...Continue reading...
    - -
  • ‘They Cannot Burn Jesus Out of Me’: Mozambique Pastors Minister to Survivors of Violent Insurgency
    Despite the risks in the region, Christians are flocking to camps and targeted villages to provide resources and spiritual care. Back in April, when armed men began attacking his village in the middle of the night, a pastor of a local church in northern Mozambique woke his family to flee. He took his two older sons and his wife took their two younger sons. In the midst of chaos and confusion, shouting and shooting, they escaped in two different directions.The pastor and his sons hid in the surrounding bush all night before returning to the village, near the town of Palma, to look for the rest of their family. The next morning, he found their hut caved in and the remains of his four-year-old son, who had been beheaded by the attackers. All he and his sons could do was dig a hole in the ground to bury the young boy’s body and weep together. To this day, his wife and second-youngest son are still missing.This pastor shared his story with CT through English-speaking ministry partners in Mozambique. He asked that he and his village remain unnamed for security reasons, but his story is not unique as conflict escalates in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.Countless innocent civilians are fleeing the area where insurgents have been burning entire villages to the ground and brutalizing their inhabitants—including beheading, recruiting, capturing, enslaving, and committing sexual crimes against them. The violence has killed thousands of people and displaced upward of 800,000, a number that is growing rapidly and may soon reach one million, United Nations officials warn.“The north of Mozambique, especially Cabo Delgado province … is being affected by Islamic insurgents, who at some stage claim to be linked with Islamic State,” said Mauricio Magunhe, faith and development coordinator for World Vision Mozambique.“For the ...Continue reading...
    - -
  • Mexican Worship Leader Layla de la Garza on the Power of ‘Sung Theology’
    Despite the lingering stereotypes, the Monterrey-based singer and minister set out to prove contemporary worship services can hold to the authority of Scripture.For Layla de la Garza, worship music has been a way to draw nearer to Jesus and the Word.Having grown up in a conservative traditional church, Layla was transformed by listening to Passion’s worship music as a teenager. Many years later, in 2015, she met CCM musician Christy Nockels, who became her mentor and invited her to participate in IF:Gathering. De la Garza has used her talents in this ministry to serve as a worship and teaching leader, multiplying IF’s reach among the international Spanish-speaking community.Back in her hometown of Monterrey, a city of more than a million in northeastern Mexico, some still remain suspicious of contemporary worship, with its bright lights and big stages. But at VIDAIN church, where de la Garza and her husband, Diego, serve as part of the pastoral team, they’ve set out to show that high production value does not mean compromising on the truth of the gospel. She’s also the host of Notas con Dios, a podcast where she discusses finding God and hope in everyday life.CT spoke with Layla about her vision for the church, the role of women in the church in Mexico, and her call to worship, ministry, and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. (This interview was originally conducted in Spanish.)How would you describe the evangelical church in Mexico to people from other countries?Latin Americans in general are very passionate. Relationships and building community are very important to us. Our relationships are very warm: We hug each other and create intimacy easily, even with people we have just met. These characteristics of Latin culture are very present in the evangelical church in Mexico.It is beautiful because I believe we have the potential to be like the first ...Continue reading...
    - -

Faith on Film (Video Podcast)

Forum 18 News Service

  • TAJIKISTAN: Male police continue targeting women wearing hijabs
    The long-running regime campaign to prevent women wearing the hijab (Islamic headscarf) intensified from March, human rights defenders including Muslim women say. Officials stop women in the street, question them, and order them to take off their hijab. "When they saw a woman in a hijab the male and female officials immediately encircled the woman," a human rights defender saw in early July, speaking "very rudely and harassing them if they refused to take off their hijab". The male Deputy Head of Dushanbe's Shohmansur Police – whose officers detained hijab-wearing women – refused to explain why no action was taken to stop male police officers bullying women.
    - -
  • DONBAS: Luhansk: More Christian texts "extremist", Catholic priests banned
    After officials in the self-declared Luhansk People's Republic apparently seized Christian literature from local Baptists, Sverdlovsk court declared four Protestant books "extremist". Acting Deputy General Prosecutor Roman Gubaydulin put the phone down when asked why he lodged the suit. The books are among 18 Protestant and 6 Jehovah's Witness publications on the "State List of Extremist Materials". "Parishioners in Luhansk are very sad and pained that they have no priest," says Catholic priest Grzegorz Rapa, still unable to return. Officials turned away the new Orthodox Church of Ukraine bishop at the Stanitsa Luhanska crossing point in mid-July.
    - -
  • BELARUS: "To put the church in its place"
    As more human rights defenders are jailed, others protesting against election falsification and regime violence are also targeted. The Belarusian Orthodox Church has fired many priests including Archbishop Artemy of Grodno, who spoke of a "general purge" as "not all church figures support the existing regime". Among others targeted, Catholic priest Fr Vyacheslav Barok fled to Poland. A public prosecutor claimed it is illegal to give Fr Barok a copy of an official warning he was read. The regime tried to stop singing of the hymn Mighty God and organised instead a pro-regime "prayer day".
    - -
  • UZBEKISTAN: "The regime wants to shut people up"
    A Tashkent court jailed Fazilkhoja Arifkhojayev for three months after an initial 15-day term after he questioned a regime-supporting imam. Officials denied him access to his lawyer and tortured him during his 15-day sentence. Officials tortured prisoner of conscience Tulkun Astanov in jail for praying, and he has lost 25 kg in weight since January. Officials have warned Shia Muslims not to publish religious material, and "some even stopped talking to or associating with people who had been warned".
    - -
  • BELARUS: Political prisoners' freedom of religion or belief restricted
    The regime's many political prisoners are frequently denied clergy visits and access to religious literature, against both Belarusian law and the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (Mandela Rules). Arrested in March, Olga Zolotar repeatedly requested a visit from a Catholic priest, but the Investigative Committee refused. Finally, in June officials allowed a visit by the Vatican nuncio. "The denial of access of priests to political prisoners who are religious, and the use of discriminatory and repressive measures against them are unacceptable .. and grossly violate one of the fundamental human rights," Christian Vision notes.
    - -

Get Religion

    ID the Future (Podcast)

    • Michael Denton Discusses The Miracle of the Cell
      New research keeps unveiling ever more ways in which this fine tuning exists, from the cosmos to the atoms of the periodic table, even to the subatomic level of quantum tunneling.
      - 12 Oct 20, 9:31pm -
    • Michael Denton: Remarkable Coincidences in Photosynthesis
      On this episode of ID the Future from the vault, we listen in on a few minutes from a lecture given by Australian biochemist Michael Denton, author of the brand new book The Miracle of the Cell. In this segment, Denton explains the “remarkable set of coincidences” that makes the creation of oxygen through photosynthesis possible. From the specific energy of visible light to the unique properties of water, this degree of fine tuning for life shouts intelligent design. For more on how the cosmos is designed for life, watch Discovery Institute’s documentary Priviledged Species, featuring Michael Denton.
      - 9 Oct 20, 7:16pm -
    • Dr. Michael Denton on Evidence of Fine-Tuning in the Universe
      On this episode of ID the Future from the vault, Casey Luskin sits down with Dr. Michael Denton, a Senior Fellow of the CSC who holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Denton is the author of Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, which has been credited with influencing both Phillip Johnson and Michael Behe, as well as Nature's Destiny: How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe, which elaborates on the evidence of design in nature.
      - 7 Oct 20, 11:29pm -
    • The Demise of the Artifact Hypothesis
      Paleoentomologist Günter Bechly makes the case that recent findings have put the nails in the coffin of this “artifact hypothesis.” He goes on to argue that these findings are “not just a tiny problem but a fatal problem” for modern Darwinism.
      - 5 Oct 20, 7:28pm -
    • Scott Turner on Purpose in Nature, Part 2
      On this episode of ID the Future from the vault, Rob Crowther continues his conversation with J. Scott Turner, biologist at the State University of New York (SUNY), visiting scholar at Cambridge University, and author of the new book Purpose and Desire: What Makes Something “Alive” and Why Modern Darwinism Has Failed to Explain It. Turner critiques evolutionary biology’s bias toward mechanistic and gene-centric thinking, and contemporary biology’s failure to come to grips with the evidence of purpose and intentionality at many levels of biology. Viewing the brain as a computer, for example, obscures many things about the brain and the mind that exceed computers, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
      - 2 Oct 20, 8:55pm -

    International Missions Board

    • newYoung adult becomes first known believer in Southeast Asian unreached people group
      When an individual from an unengaged, unreached people group comes to faith, many rejoice: the missionaries who’ve dedicated their lives to reaching the people group, the believers and churches in the United States who’ve spent time praying for and investing resources in the people, the national believers and churches who have been instrumental in gaining access to and reaching the people, and even the angels in heaven (Luke 15:10). But, for the new believer – sometimes the first believer in an entire community – life can get complicated. In these situations, openly living out one’s faith may cost a believer...The post Young adult becomes first known believer in Southeast Asian unreached people group appeared first on IMB.
      - 6 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 12:00pm -
    • New strategies emerge as Japanese churches face future without pastors
      Japan’s population is aging. Almost 30% of its population is 65 years old and older. This statistic is affecting church planting, church health and church growth. International Mission Board missionaries and Japanese Christians must answer the question, “Who will lead the next generation of believers?” Scott Bradford, a missionary in Tokyo, said the average age of local pastors is between 60 and 70 years old. Many pastors are in their 80s and don’t feel they can retire because there is no one to assume the mantle, missionary Carlton Walker said. Carlton and his wife, Cornelia, also serve in Tokyo. With aging pastors, Carlton, Bradford and other missionaries are asking, “What does...The post New strategies emerge as Japanese churches face future without pastors appeared first on IMB.
      - 1 day ago 2 Aug 21, 12:00pm -
    • Riding the rails at 50 mph, IMB missionaries circle the city in prayer
      Have you ever been to a prayer meeting that went 50 miles an hour? International Mission Board missionaries in Japan go to one every Tuesday morning. The train doors open, releasing a cool swath of air into the summer humidity affecting not just Olympic athletes, but missionaries, Japanese believers and Christians from other organizations who are also feeling the heat as they minister outdoors. Missionary teams step through the train doors and begin riding the JR Yamanote Line that makes 30 stops on a loop around Tokyo as part of prayYamanote, an interdenominational prayer activity that takes place every Tuesday. The trip takes a little more than an hour. Christians developed a prayer guide that...The post Riding the rails at 50 mph, IMB missionaries circle the city in prayer appeared first on IMB.
      - 5 days ago 29 Jul 21, 12:00pm -
    • South Asian believer sacrifices for persecutor
      For believers in South Asia, persecution comes in many forms. Often, professing faith in Christ can affect their standing within their communities and their ability to secure a means of providing for their families. Mark* found faith in Christ about five years ago, reports IMB missionary Owen Stoddard*. Mark comes from a South Asian, Muslim background and works as a painter in his local community to provide for his wife and young daughter. After Mark became a Christian, he obediently participated in believer’s baptism and began to boldly share the saving power of Christ with his fellow villagers. Mark’s obedience cost him his...The post South Asian believer sacrifices for persecutor appeared first on IMB.
      - 6 days ago 28 Jul 21, 12:00pm -
    • Manga, cosplay and Olympic trading pins all provide bridge to the gospel
      What do manga, cosplay and Olympic pins have in common? The Japanese comics, costume play and popular trading pins were all used to share the gospel this weekend near Shibuya Crossing, a pedestrian crosswalk where as many as 3,000 people cross at one time. Positioning themselves at the world’s busiest intersection, IMB missionaries Scott and Julie Bradford, Rick and Hiromi Price and Donn and Teresa Broeker engaged people in conversation and handed out the materials. Scott stood near an entry point to Shibuya Station, dressed in cosplay as an anime character. The term ‘cosplay’ was coined in Japan and is an established subculture. Tokyo’s...The post Manga, cosplay and Olympic trading pins all provide bridge to the gospel appeared first on IMB.
      - 7 days ago 27 Jul 21, 2:38pm -

    Julie Roys

    • newVoddie Baucham’s Publisher Defends ‘Fault Lines’ Against Plagiarism Claims
      The publisher of “Fault Lines,” a bestselling Christian critique of critical race theory, denies claims the book’s author misquoted sources and fabricated quotes.Salem Books publisher Tim Peterson called claims unfounded. “Fault Lines” by Voddie Baucham was a top 10 bestseller among religion books in April, May and July, selling tends of thousands of copies and prompting praise and criticism in evangelical circles. The book warns of a “looming catastrophe” in evangelical churches in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. 
      - 3 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 2:30pm -
    • newPennsylvania Bible College Arms Own Trustees With Honorary Doctorates
      A Bible college in Pennsylvania has awarded honorary doctorates to its own trustees multiple times over the last few years. It’s a practice discouraged by the state of Pennsylvania and by the college’s accrediting agency. And now, one of the recipients is styling himself “doctor” in launching his own seminary partnered with the Acts29 church-planting network.Two sitting trustees of Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School and a former trustee have received honorary doctorates from LBC since 2014. 
      - 19 hours ago 2 Aug 21, 10:25pm -
    • Megachurch Pastor Resigns Amid Accusations He Raped His Assistant in 2019
      A pastor accused of raping his former secretary has resigned from an Alabama megachurch after the woman went public with her story.Micahn Carter and his wife, April, resigned from Church of the Highlands in Birmingham “recently,” local media reported today. He had joined Church of the Highlands for “ministerial restoration” in 2019 after resigning from another megachurch, Together Church in Yakima, Washington. The reason for his resignation from Together Church wasn’t made public at the time. 
      - 3 days ago 1 Aug 21, 1:50am -
    • AME Zion Leader Staccato Powell Removed On Financial Misconduct Charges
      A prominent African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church leader has been removed from the ranks of bishop after being found guilty in a church trial for mishandling millions of dollars in transactions related to congregations.Staccato Powell, who was the bishop of the denomination’s Western Episcopal District, had been suspended until the time of his trial, which was held on Wednesday during the first day of the AME Zion Church’s hybrid General Conference in Atlanta. 
      - 4 days ago 30 Jul 21, 1:20pm -
    • Maine Church Seeks Preemptive Ban on COVID-19 Restrictions
      A Maine church that sued over coronavirus restrictions last year is taking a preemptive legal strike against future restrictions associated with a variant of the virus that’s spreading across the country.Calvary Chapel in Bangor is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Democratic Gov. Janet Mills from enforcing or reinstating any pandemic-related restrictions due to the delta variant. In recent weeks, COVID cases have been on the rise in every state. Experts have cited low vaccination rates as a primary causal factor.  
      - 5 days ago 29 Jul 21, 11:40pm -

    Life News

    • newInvestigation Finds Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Woman, 11 in Total
      New York Attorney General Letitia James said Tuesday that an independent investigation found Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had sexually harassed multiple women. James, also a Democrat, gave a press conference to conclude the investigation, saying that after speaking to dozens of witnesses and reviewing evidence from multiple sources, investigators determined that Cuomo had subjected employees […]The post Investigation Finds Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Woman, 11 in Total appeared first on
      - 1 hour ago 3 Aug 21, 4:09pm -
    • newRadical Pro-Abortion Groups Endorse Gavin Newsom Because He Promoted Abortions Up to Birth
      Pro-abortion Gov. Gavin Newsom received endorsements from several major pro-abortion groups this week in the upcoming recall election in California. NARAL Pro-Choice California, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California and several Democrat lawmakers came together to urge residents to vote “no” on Newsom’s recall Sept. 15, the Sacramento Bee reports. “This recall effort is nothing more than a hate-filled, Republican-fueled campaign to […]The post Radical Pro-Abortion Groups Endorse Gavin Newsom Because He Promoted Abortions Up to Birth appeared first on
      - 2 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 3:33pm -
    • newAndrew Cuomo Must be Held Accountable for Killing Nursing Home Residents, Families Deserve Justice
      New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is celebrating the U.S. Justice Department decision to drop an investigation into his policy that sent COVID-19 patients into nursing homes. But with several other probes ongoing, the Democratic governor’s legal situation is still unclear. The Justice Department announced July 17 that it would not investigate Cuomo’s March 2020 order […]The post Andrew Cuomo Must be Held Accountable for Killing Nursing Home Residents, Families Deserve Justice appeared first on
      - 3 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 2:51pm -
    • newPresident Trump’s PACs Have Over $100 Million to Help Conservatives in 2022
      Former President Donald Trump’s affiliated political action committees (PACs) raised over $82 million in the first half of 2021, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) documents released over the weekend. The donations, first reported by The Washington Post, went predominantly to Trump’s Save America and Make America Great Again PACs as well as his joint […]The post President Trump’s PACs Have Over $100 Million to Help Conservatives in 2022 appeared first on
      - 3 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 2:33pm -
    • newPlanned Parenthood Tried to Exploit Former President’s Miscarriage as a Publicity Stunt
      Reports of Planned Parenthood’s cruelty toward women and babies keep growing. The latest comes from one of its former CEOs, Dr. Leana Wen. In her new book “Lifelines: A Doctor’s Journey in the Fight for Public Health,” Wen accused the abortion chain of trying to exploit her in her grief after she miscarried her unborn child, the Christian Post […]The post Planned Parenthood Tried to Exploit Former President’s Miscarriage as a Publicity Stunt appeared first on
      - 3 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 2:07pm -

    Mennonite Central Committee

    • Growing a passion for social justice through Summer Service
      Social justice has always been a passion for 22-year-old Estefany Sanabria. MCC’s Summer Service program is allowing her to explore that passion through her assignment with DOOR in Chicago.
      - 2 days ago 2 Aug 21, 4:00am -
    • 'Thanks be to God'
      Banner photo caption: MCC U.S. centennial funds were used to support Venezuelan refugees in Ecuador, including Gilchen Michele Garrido Davalillo and her family, through MCC's partner, Quito Anabaptist Mennonite Christian Church. MCC photo Annalee Giesbrecht
      - 6 days ago 29 Jul 21, 4:00am -
    • Beirut explosion: one year later
      BEIRUT, Lebanon -- Samir Menassa remembers when his convenience store used to attract many customers.Located among pubs and restaurants in Beirut, Lebanon, the store was a convenient place for people to purchase a few things they needed as they strolled through the area.
      - 7 days ago 28 Jul 21, 4:00am -
    • Myrrl Byler on why the call to peacemaking must not ignore China
      Why The Call to Peacemaking Must Not Ignore China 
      - 9 days ago 26 Jul 21, 4:00am -
    • Author Q&A with Kate Ott
      Author Q&A: Why gaining digital literacy is an urgent moral calling
      - 9 days ago 26 Jul 21, 4:00am -


    • newCOVID Brought Boom Year for Ministry That Helps People Leave Money to Ministries
      Since its founding in 1982, FPM has helped 36,000 families like Al and Pam designate more than $1.7 billion in future giving to ministries in their wills and trusts. The designations are made in wills or trusts, meaning that funds will flow promptly to ministries upon the donors’ deaths, rather than being parked in Donor Advised Funds for years or even decades.
      - 3 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 2:11pm -
    • newMore Ministries Use Social Media and Web for Digital Evangelism
      The same technologies that can bring TV shows, games, maps, weather reports, or porn to people’s smart phones are now being used to conduct global digital evangelism, primarily through web searches and social media functions.
      - 4 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 2:02pm -
    • Zacharias Institute Leaders Vince and Joanna Vitale Announce Plans to Resign
      The leaders of the Zacharias Institute said they plan to resign, a decision they reached after a season of “lamenting, listening and learning” after sexual misconduct accusations against late evangelist and institute founder Ravi Zacharias came to light.
      - 1 day ago 2 Aug 21, 12:43pm -
    • Top 10 Stories for the Month of July
      The following 10 stories received the most page views during the month of July.  The first few sentences of each story is reprinted below.
      - 1 day ago 2 Aug 21, 12:26pm -
    • Pastor Accused of Rape Steps Down from Church Administering Restoration
      A pastor who joined the staff of an Alabama megachurch in 2019 as part of a ministerial restoration process has resigned after a former assistant at a Washington church came forward accusing him of rape.
      - 1 day ago 2 Aug 21, 12:22pm -

    Religion News Service

    Trinity Foundation

    • Calculating the Cost of Ministry-Owned Aircraft Flights
      Let’s take a look at one of the most expensive days so far in 2021 for church, ministry and Christian university aircraft trips. We tracked eight aircraft on March 19, 2021. It is possible that more than $100,000 could have been saved by flying commercial rather than using privately-owned aircraft.   List of aircraft owners: […]
      - 18 days ago 16 Jul 21, 9:02pm -
    • Seeking Your Assistance
      Trinity Foundation has compiled a database of more than 50 church, ministry and Christian university aircraft, but have been unable to identify aircraft that several televangelists are using. If you know the N-numbers of such aircraft, please contact us.  Thank you for supporting our work. Confidential informants are always welcome.  
      - 21 days ago 13 Jul 21, 9:39pm -
    • Televangelists, but not the Religious Right, Abandon Annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention
      (Photo: GFA World, formerly Gospel for Asia, at NRB’s 2021 Convention in Grapevine, Texas. Gospel for Asia has rebranded after facing a series of scandalous accusations and settling a $37 million lawsuit.) Where have the televangelists gone? The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) annual convention was held this year in Grapevine, Texas, which is coincidentally the […]
      - 33 days ago 1 Jul 21, 2:50pm -
    • Tracking Televangelist Jets on Instagram and Twitter
      If you thought televangelist shoes and watches are expensive, let us introduce you to the extravagant world of ministry aircraft. From the mundane to the exotic, we are tracking trips to ministry events and vacation destinations. Trinity Foundation recently launched Pastor Planes, an investigative project, with the objective of bringing financial transparency to churches, ministries […]
      - 33 days ago 1 Jul 21, 2:42pm -
    • Televangelists to Pay Higher Taxes on Personal Flights Involving Church Aircraft
      (Photo: Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Bombardier Global Express) Twice per year the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updates the tax rate charged on “non-commercial flights on employer-provided aircraft” which includes personal flights taken on ministry aircraft. The latest tax update was announced in the June 14, 2021 edition of the Internal Revenue Bulletin and covers personal flights […]
      - 33 days ago 1 Jul 21, 2:36pm -

    United Methodist News Service

    • Goat-breeding program benefits vulnerable children
      Partnership between Western Pennsylvania and Zimbabwe East conferences has empowered more than 100 toddlers through teens since 2015.
      - 1 day ago 2 Aug 21, 3:18pm -
    • Discussing Christian nationalism — carefully
      Discipleship Ministries is offering a new Courageous Conversations resource to help United Methodists talk about Christian nationalism in a respectful way.
      - 1 day ago 2 Aug 21, 2:58pm -
    • Rev. Eddie Fox, evangelism pioneer, dies
      As longtime director of World Methodist Evangelism, he traveled the globe to share the gospel and encourage other Wesleyan Christians to do the same.
      - 5 days ago 29 Jul 21, 7:46pm -
    • Volunteerism is a priority at Florida church
      More than 90% of church attendees at the South Crestview location of Crosspoint, a United Methodist Church in Florida, do volunteer work, motivated by an associate pastor with endless enthusiasm for ministry.
      - 6 days ago 28 Jul 21, 9:10pm -
    • Sisters in ministry nurture one another
      United Methodists in Zimbabwe’s Makoni Buhera District and Indiana’s Northwest District share food, prayer support and the blessing of friendship.
      - 7 days ago 27 Jul 21, 2:46pm -

    Women of Faith

      - 13 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 5:00am -
      - 2 days ago 2 Aug 21, 5:00am -
    • Today's Goals:
      Today's Goals: Start with JESUS,Stay with JESUS,End with JESUS.
      - 3 days ago 1 Aug 21, 5:00am -
      - 5 days ago 30 Jul 21, 5:00am -
    • God will let you walk into
      God will let you walk into uncomfortable situations where all you can do is rely on Him.Don't be anxious.He's about to show you He is faithful.
      - 6 days ago 29 Jul 21, 5:00am -

    The World And Everything In It (Podcast)

    • new8.3.21 Healthcare costs, WHO about-face, and Classic Book of the Month
      Sarah Schweinsberg reports on the effort to bring down healthcare costs by forcing hospitals to post their price lists; Mary Reichard talks to Dean Cheng with The Heritage Foundation about the World Health Organization’s about-face on the origins of COVID-19; and Emily Whitten recommends The Picture of Dorian Gray for her August Classic Book of the Month. Plus: commentary from Whitney Williams, robot relief, and the Tuesday morning news.Support The World and Everything in It today at Additional support comes from Ligonier Ministries, celebrating fifty years of proclaiming God’s holiness. Thousands of video teaching series, books, articles, and more at Dordt University. Dordt students study nursing, agriculture, business, social work and more—all from a Christian perspective. More at And from Heart of Dakota, providing Christ-centered, literature based homeschool curriculum - from Preschool through High School! More at 
      - 10 hours ago 3 Aug 21, 7:15am -
    • 8.2.21 Legal Docket, Moneybeat, and History Book
      On Legal Docket, Mary Reichard details lawsuits challenging the use of critical race theory in K-12 classrooms ; on the Monday Moneybeat, Nick Eicher talks to financial analyst David Bahnsen about the latest economic news; and on History Book, Katie Gaultney recounts significant events from the past. Plus: emulating Iron Man, and the Monday morning news.Support The World and Everything in It today at Additional support comes from Dordt University. Providing an education rooted in faith—for engineers, nurses, social workers, teachers, and more. More at From Heart of Dakota, providing Christ-centered, literature based homeschool curriculum - from Preschool through High School! More at And from Ligonier Ministries, celebrating fifty years of trustworthy Bible teaching. Thousands of discipleship resources anchored in the historic Christian faith are available at 
      - 1 day ago 2 Aug 21, 7:15am -
    • 7.30.21 Culture Friday, Lupin, and Listener Feedback
      On Culture Friday, Nick Eicher and Myrna Brown talk to John Stonestreet about pro-life legal battles and modest Olympic uniforms; Sarah Schweinsberg reviews Lupin,a streaming series about a gentleman thief trying to follow his moral compass; and your Listener Feedback. Plus: a ring-sniffing dog, and the Friday morning news. Support The World and Everything in It today at 
      - 4 days ago 30 Jul 21, 7:15am -
    • 7.29.21 Tracking UFOs, leaving Iraq, and for the love of steam
      Anna Johansen Brown reports on why the government continues to track Unidentified Flying Objects; Myrna Brown talks to Behnam Ben Taleblu from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies about the U.S. military role in Iraq; and Josh Schumacher meets a man who’s devoted his life to preserving steam-driven tractors. Plus: commentary from Cal Thomas, bringing home the gold, and the Thursday morning news. Support The World and Everything in It today at 
      - 5 days ago 29 Jul 21, 7:15am -
    • 7.28.21 Washington Wednesday, World Tour, and a unique Olympics
      On Washington Wednesday, Mary Reichard talks to Georgia Gov. Brain Kemp about the push to nationalize election laws; on World Tour, Onize Ohikere reports on Christians in South Africa working to address issues that sparked this month’s deadly riots; and Paul Butler outlines all the changes that make this year’s Olympics unique. Plus: commentary from Joel Belz, iPhone catch, and the Wednesday morning news. Support The World and Everything in It today at 
      - 7 days ago 28 Jul 21, 4:00am -

    World Magazine