Prayer List: 25,339 Mexicans Murdered

The Day of the Dead is symbolic of Mexico’s culture of death.

Reuters reported, “There were more than 25,000 murders across drug-ravaged Mexico in 2017, the highest annual tally since modern records began, government data showed.”

Americans buying illegal drugs, help fund the cartels and gangs that are blamed for the devastatingly destructive violence in Mexico.

Prayer List

* Pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort the families and friends of Mexico’s murder victims.
* Pray for justice on behalf of the victims.
* Pray for members of the drug gangs and cartels to leave behind their lives of crime and to seek honest employment.
* Pray for the Gospel to change the hearts of Mexico’s criminals and for salvation to come to men and women with hardened hearts.
* Pray for safety for judges, juries, witnesses, attorneys, reporters and honest police officers pursuing justice.