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Prayer List: 22 Killed in Terrorst Attack Outside Ariana Grande Concert

The London Telegraph reports, “Police and the security services believe they know the identity of the suicide bomber who killed 22 people – including children – in an explosion that tore through fans leaving an Ariana Grande pop concert in Manchester. Last night’s attack also injured at least 59 people.

ISIS takes credit for the attack: “One of the soldiers of the Caliphate was able to place an explosive device within a gathering of the Crusaders in the city of Manchester.”

Prayer List

* Pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort the families and friends of the concert goers killed in Manchester, England.
* Pray for the wounds of the injured to heal quickly with minimal pain.
* Pray for ISIS terrorists to be captured and brought to justice.
* Pray for the safety of government authorities investigating these attacks.
* Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict terrorists of the hatred in their hearts and to draw them to repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ.


Prayer List: Jury Trial for Carra Crouch vs TBN Begins May 1st

In 2012 Carra Crouch, the granddaughter of TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch, sued the religious TV network for allegedly covering up her rape by failing to report it to the police. The Orange County Register broke the story and reported, “Carra Crouch was not permitted to talk to the police about the incident, and was not permitted to seek the counsel of any third parties or sex abuse counselors at the time, and has suffered severe emotional distress as a result, according to the suit.”

The case goes to trial on May 1st, 2017 and can be tracked through the Superior Court of Orange County website.

Case Number: 30-2012-00577733
Year Filed: 2012

Prayer List

* Pray for the jurors hearing hear this case to have discernment and to decide the case in an honest and fair manner.
* Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict Carra, John Casoria, the attorneys, and expert witnesses on both sides of any falsehoods they may have shared regarding this incident.
* Pray for reconciliation and repentance in the courtroom.
* Pray for emotional healing for victims of sexual assault.