Prayer Lists: Terrorist Strikes in Germany and Turkey


Turkish police officer Mevlut Mert Altintas assassinated Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey on Monday. Altintas shouted “Allahu akbar! Do not forget Aleppo! Do not forget Syria! Do not forget Aleppo! Do not forget Syria!” before murdering Andrey Karlov who was visiting an arts center. Altintas was gunned down at the scene of the crime. According to CNN, “The shooting occurred a day before diplomats from Turkey, Iran and Russia are scheduled to meet in Moscow to discuss the situation in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo.”

On the same day in Berlin, Germany, a terrorist killed 12 people by driving a truck into a crowded marketplace. Reuters reports, “Forty-five people were injured, 30 severely.” Terrorist group ISIS claims the driver was one of their operatives.

Prayer List

* Pray for the families, friends and coworkers mourning the deaths of people they love.
* Pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort the afflicted in Turkey and Germany.
* Pray for the wounds of the injured to heal quickly with minimal pain.
* Pray for the German terrorist and any collaborators to be captured and brought to justice.
* Pray for the safety of Russian, Turkish and German authorities investigating these crimes.
* Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict terrorists of the hate in their hearts and to draw them to repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ.


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