Prayer List: Fighting Between Terrorists and Philippine Government Displaces 300,000 People



Violent conflicts involving terrorists and the Philippine military have created a humanitarian crisis.

According to Associated Press, “At least 258 militants, 65 soldiers and police and 26 civilians have been killed and more than 300,000 villagers have fled from Marawi and outlying towns.”

Mission Network News is reporting that Christian Aid Missions and churches in The Philippines are assisting the new homeless.


Prayer List

* Pray for the displaced to find housing and jobs.
* Pray for churches and ministries to effectively meet the physical and spiritual needs of the displaced.
* Pray for peace to return to the Philippines.
* Pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort the families and friends of people killed in the conflict.
* Pray for the wounds of the injured to heal quickly with minimal pain.
* Pray for the safety of police officers investigating terrorist attacks.
* Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict terrorists of the hatred in their hearts and to draw them to repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ.