Prayer List: The Future of Television


The future of television is being shaped by decisions made this week at the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) convention in Miami, Florida. TV network and TV station executives are gathering in Miami to meet with content producers. Programming directors select new shows to air.

Religious broadcasters and Christian streaming media companies will also attend the annual event. According to Variety magazine, televangelist T. D. Jakes’ new talk show will be promoted at NATPE:

“T.D. Jakes” is a prime example of the trend of station groups becoming more proactive in developing their own shows to suit regional needs. Jakes, who heads the Dallas-based Potter’s House church, has flirted with launching a syndicated talk show for years.

Prayer List

* Pray for TV executives, programming directors, TV producers, script writers,actors, crew personnel,newscasters, and their audiences to place their trust in Jesus Christ.
* Pray for television executives to put God first in their business.
* Pray for Christians working in the entertainment industry to avoid moral compromise.
* Pray for God to stop religious broadcasters and televangelists that are leading people astray with the prosperity gospel and other false teaching.