Prayer Focus: More Than 11,000 Unemployed After Staples, Sprint and Wal-Mart Layoffs


Thousands of  Americans are losing their jobs.

MSN reports, “Staples Inc. on Monday laid off hundreds of corporate employees, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.” Last week the Chicago Tribune reported, “A total of 227 employees got layoff notices” at the Chicago Public Schools. A BizJournal headline announces, “Sprint will lay off 829 in Overland Park.”

Earlier this month Wal-Mart announced plans to close 269 stores globally. CNBC reported, “In all, 16,000 employees will be impacted by the store closings, about 10,000 of whom are in the U.S.”

Prayer List

* Pray for new job opportunities for the newly unemployed.
* Pray for the unemployed to receive emotional support so that they are not overcome by depression while job hunting.
* Pray for CEOs and company officials to have godly wisdom and to make wise decisions regarding the reduction of their workforce.
* Pray for entreprenuers to be successful in starting new businesses.
* Pray for Christian employees to be salt and light in their workplaces and for God to be glorified in the marketplace.

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